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                整合资源 创造增值

                厦门建发股份有限◆公司 股票代码:600153

                C&D INC. Ranks No. 31 on the 2020 Fortune China 500

                发布日期: 2020-07-27 | 来源:C&D Inc.

                On July 27, Fortune released its list of China's top 500 companies in 2020. C&D Inc. ranked No. 31, up three places from last year. The company has been on the list for 20 consecutive years. Meanwhile, in the sub-list of "wholesale and retail" industry of the top 500, C&D Inc. ranked the second, up one place from last year.

                Compiled by Fortune China in collaboration with CICC's wealth management department, the list measures the performance and achievements of the world's largest listed Chinese companies over the past year. The total revenue of the 500 listed Chinese companies reached RMB 50.5 trillion yuan this year, up 11 percent from last year. The Net profit reached 4.2 trillion yuan, up more than 16 percent from last year. The annual revenue threshold for listed companies this year is nearly 17.8 billion yuan, up nearly 10 percent from last year.